Agricultural equipment

All over the world, the agricultural industry is a parent industry that has a direct impact on the macroeconomy of countries. Using all the agricultural capacities in a country can help the economy of that country a lot and raise the economic indicators.

Agricultural equipment in Iran in recent years has made significant progress and is even better and more competitive than foreign models.

Given the good production capacity we have had in the past years for agricultural equipment, we can also look at their exports.

Regarding agricultural raw materials, we can also think about exporting and through this we can also export agricultural products and seeds.

However, due to the huge agricultural potential in Iran, the use of modern equipment can play a key role in producing higher quality products.


Equipment and goods for import are as follows:

  • Tools
  • machinery :
  • Light machines: hand tractor, lawn mower, shredder, plow
  • Heavy machinery: tractor
  • Ingredients: seeds, animal feed, fertilizer
  • Fruit
  • protein products